A New Jersey native, Eugene Salandra studied film and television at New York University, and drawing at the Art Students' League of New York. Excepting a brief monastic sojourn, his life has been occupied with practicing the art of animation. Mentors John Canemaker and the late Tissa David were among his influences. Favorite things include drawing, watercolor, tea and herbs, Yoga and meditation, musical theatre, puppetry, crochet, nature strolls, and veggie cooking.

"Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song"
(graphite and watercolor on paper, 2016)

Sketches from Disneyland
(crayon and watercolor on paper, April 2016)

Paragon Media Logo

I was grateful for the opportunity to do some character animation on paper once again for director Francis Glebas in this short Paragon Media logo.
"Spring Cleaning"
(graphite and watercolor on paper, 2014)

"Steven and Devan"
(graphite and watercolor on paper, 2015)

These ink and watercolor spot illustrations were created for the First Annual Stuart Timmons LGBTQ West Hollywood History Mobile Tour, in June of 2015.  They were reproduced on signs held by tour guides stationed along the tour route in the city.  

Judy Garland
(watercolor on paper, 1997)

Full Moon
(graphite and watercolor on paper)

"All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names…"
(graphite and watercolor on paper, 2015)

Disney Televison Animation Halloween Festival, with Sofia the First and Lucinda the Little Witch, Glendale, CA, 2015.

This piece was done for the upcoming winter Holidays, and will be featured in the 2016 Animation Guild calendar.  
(graphite and watercolor on paper, 2015)

FaerieFilm (newly remastered)

"FaerieFilm" has at last been digitally remastered from the original 16mm negatives!  22 years after its premiere, it looks much like it did when it was first screened.