Eugene Salandra

A New Jersey native, I studied film and television at New York University, and drawing at the Art Students' League of New York. Excepting a brief Benedictine monastic sojourn, my life has been occupied with practicing the art of animation. Mentors John Canemaker and the late Tissa David were among my influences. Favorite things include drawing, watercolor, tea and herbalism, yoga, meditation, music, theatre, puppetry, crochet, nature strolls, and vegetarian cooking.

(ink and pencil on paper, 2010)
(charcoal on paper, 2010)
Contemplative Man
(crayon and watercolor on paper, 2010)
Lady with Chalice
(ink pen and crayon on paper, 2010)

John Tucker as a Dickensian Villain
(grease pencil on paper, 2010)
i, i, i...
(pencil and watercolor on paper, 2010)
Lady with Feather
(ink pen and crayon on paper, 2010)

Pooh's Heffalump Movie -- beat board sketches

Story Sketches from Pooh's Heffalump Movie
(ink pen with pencil on paper, copyright 2005 Disney)
The late philosopher and monk Fr. Eleutherius Winance, O.S.B.
inserted into the School of Athens
(watercolor on paper, 2009, c. St. Andrew's Abbey)
Saint Anthony and Christ Child
(from plaster statue, ink and watercolor on paper, 2008)
My beloved late Grandfather
(red chalk on paper, circa 1995)
Sketch of Mary Poppins umbrella handle
(black ink on paper, drawn at Disney Archive in June 1999--design copyright Disney 1964)
Model from MTV Animation Studio
(conte crayon on paper, circa 1998)
Lions from the Museum of Natural History
(crayon on paper, circa 1996)

Back at Disney, 2010
(Photoshop sketch. Mickey Mouse copyright Disney.)