Eugene Salandra

A New Jersey native, I studied film and television at New York University, and drawing at the Art Students' League of New York. Excepting a brief Benedictine monastic sojourn, my life has been occupied with practicing the art of animation. Mentors John Canemaker and the late Tissa David were among my influences. Favorite things include drawing, watercolor, tea and herbalism, yoga, meditation, music, theatre, puppetry, crochet, nature strolls, and vegetarian cooking.

Sofia The First "I'm Not Ready To Be A Princess"

"I'm Not Ready To Be a Princess" from the pilot episode of Sofia the First was one of those rare sequences that just flowed from concept to screen effortlessly.  Jamie Mitchell, my director, pitched it to me, I thumbnailed it (see thumbnails below) and storyboarded from these thumbnails.  The final sequence remained remarkably true to the initial concept, and the entire sequence has a fresh quality and a flow that comes when all the proverbial stars are in alignment.  (Copyright the Walt Disney Company)